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Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Bishop Robert McElroy: his transformation into a partisan political agent of PICO

"...we must not...engage in partisan politics"
Bishop Robert McElroy

Bishop Robert McElroy, who in early November, 2016 rigorously enforced  political neutrality (even after Hilary Clinton came out in the final debate to openly underscore her unchanging militant support of partial-birth abortion) in his diocese. 

His Excellency wrote in part to parishes, after a priest warned the faithful about voting for pro-abortion candidates: 

“Let me stress again that while we have a moral role to play in explaining how Catholic teaching relates to certain public policy issues, we must not and will not endorse specific candidates, use parish media or bulletins to favor candidates or parties through veiled language about selectively chosen issues, or engage in partisan political activity of any kind.”  

The above Tweet for the Bishop's Diocesan Twitter account leaves no doubt that the emphasis is on not getting involved in partisan politics. 

However, once McElroy's candidate(?) Hilary Clinton, was trounced by Donald Trump, the erstwhile prelate reversed his position and since late November has become a political agitator: in his words, he has become a "disruptor". 

At this very moment the United States is on the verge of exploding in violent insurgency. That a bishop calls for action and disruption without any call to ensure protest is peaceful is disgraceful. 

Even more diabolical is this man's militant, partisan political action in favour of criminal activity; namely, his ongoing support of the importing of illegal migrants (many, one might add, brought into the Unites States in the most unsavory manner by criminal gangs and vicious exploiters). Needless to say, His Excellency has nothing to say about the drug runners, the human traffickers who facilitate all of this. 

His Excellency is also silent on the nearly $100 million received by the Catholic Church per annum from the United States taxpayer to provide "support" for these migrants and "refugees"; as he is silent on the nearly $1 billion per annum received by Catholic Relief Services from the same long-suffering United States taxpayer. 

How does His Excellency feel that  he and his fellow churchmen, along with a gang of very wealthy professional "do-gooders" (all paid enormous six figure salaries - either by taxpayers, or from the widow's mite stolen from the parish poor box) are material accessories, indeed co-conspirators in this ongoing international criminal action, most of it funded by - yes, once again - the poor taxpayer? 

His Excellency has much to say about his own country but is silent on the xenophobic and racist policies of so many other countries who allow no immigration. A few very wealthy countries come to mind: Japan, South Korea, Israel, Saudia Arabia, Kuwait....I could go on. To remind His Excellency, the United States granted refugee status to 69,920 refugees in 2015. His Excellency, being a theologian, should be well aware that morality is not based on geographic location. A sin is a sin wherever it is committed. 

I call upon Bishop McElroy to organize sit-ins and protests outside the Embassies and Consulates of any and every country that has a "no" immigration policy. Since he refuses to do so: it is not about immigration, it is about SOMETHING else. 

Let us explore what this might be. 

Screenshot of "World Meeting of Popular Movements" website:
notice it is COPYRIGHT to: 2017 PICO National Network 

We can do so very simply, by connecting the dots. The World Meeting of Popular Movements - established by the Vatican City State - is an appendage of PICO. A bit of investigation quickly leads us to discover that PICO also receives money from the Nazi-collaborator, anti-Catholic, Jewish billionaire, George Soros. Well, now we know. 

More to come on PICO. 

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