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Monday, 28 September 2015

Mo Rocca: the real scandal is the open collusion of churchmen with homosexuality, and the silence of the "Catholic" media

Mo Rocca is a victim who should be prayed for. Same-sex attraction is, as the Catechism teaches, a cross for many, and as with any sin, prayer, penance and the Sacraments are the Divine solution for fallen human nature. Along with Faith, God has given us reason. Same-sex attraction also leads active homosexuals quickly into sex-addiction. It is a frightful mental illness. Reason tells us these poor men and women need psychological counseling, not encouragement. Caught in this terrible and addictive vice, these people need our prayers and support. If your parish does not have Courage, please speak to your pastor about ensuring that they do. The Year of Mercy can hardly be called merciful if there is not a great action from Catholics to bring the liberating truth of Christ to those enmeshed in the vice and sin of homosexuality.

A re-tweet by Jason Welle S.J. 
Ultimately Mo Rocca is a pawn by evil men who wish to bring the Catholic Church to accept - if not marriage - "gay relationships", "gay unions" etc. Marriage, all but in name. Most recently we have heard this propaganda from Cardinal Schonborn, and Bishops Bonny and Bode. The logical of their proposals is to downgrade the sinfulness of homosexuality; to remove it as a mortal sin. Mo Rocca did not insert himself into the Mass as Lector. He was selected. Why? Very likely because he is an open homosexual who supports the "gay" lifestyle, supports "same-sex marriage". 

We still have yet to hear from His Eminence Timothy Cardinal Dolan on this matter. Cardinal Dolan, the successor to Terrance Cardinal Cooke, the very man who established the first chapter of Courage in his Archdiocese under the leadership of late and holy Fr. John Harvey, and then John Cardinal O'Connor who built Courage as a wonderful apostolate for men and women seeking the true liberty as children of God through living celibate lives in accordance with the Gospels.  You, Cardinal Dolan, of all bishops should have reached out to Rocca and brought him into Courage! 

But things move quickly in an age of near instant communication. The homosexualists in the church, such as powerful and influential priests like Fr. James Martin S.J., have already seen the implication of the selection of Rocca as Lector and approved. I am sure he is not the only one. But one has to say, at least Martin has the courage of his convictions. How many will there be who will collude, approve, but secretly? Here we have Fr. Martin "favouring" a tweet by homosexualist and pro "same-sex marriage" Jesuit priest-to-be, Jason Welle. I am sure these two will not be the last ones.

Fr. James Martin S.J. "favors" the use of Rocca as Lector 
And now we come to the "Catholic" media. Well, where are they? Whom do they serve? God or mammon? The answer seems to be quite obvious. We are met with absolute silence. Name a paper, a media outlet: silence. Besides it being mentioned Saturday - albeit briefly, as they were shocked - on EWTN, we have silence. Being "in" with powerful bishops, being "in" with money can do strange things to people.  

The militant homosexual press, smelling blood, on the other hand is not silent. Pink News reports and laments that though Rocca was selected, the Pope continues the "homophobic and transphobic policies of his predecessors", including his public support against "same-sex marriage" proposals in (e.g.) Slovakia. Thus they push the homosexualist agenda, while slamming the Church and ramping up the pressure. They are joined, implicitly by the treacherous "official" Catholic media who, in remaining silent, acquiesce to this outrage perpetrated by Dolan and his lackeys, who have not only betrayed Our Lord, His Church, the Pope - but his predecessors Cardinals Cooke and O'Connor, as well as all the priests who serve Courage, and the countless faithful Catholics who have been ministered to by that wonderful apostolate.  

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