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Saturday, 27 December 2014

Archdiocese of Toronto's "Family of Faith Campaign" cash grab: Forget the money, what about the Faith?

Silence on GSAs, silence on abortion, silence on contraception, distribution of Our Blessed Lord in the hand, silence on preaching a sexual ethic, silence on opposing the scourge of homosexuality.... and they want my money? 

The arrogance is unbelievable.... calculating people's worth (c.f. "Personal Information") Pin terms of money.... Well, my "individual wealth capacity" is ZERO. That's right, you got it: my maximum "giving capacity" is ZERO...nothing. 

So don't waste time in looking me up, in delving into my "public" philanthropic "giving" donations to other charities. This is so avaricious, that they might as well put a turnstile and charge for entrance into church. 

A screenshot of the Archdiocese of Toronto's
cynical and avaricious cash grab

How about a "Just Say No Campaign" where we divert our giving to those parts of the Church in mission lands most in need of some extra support? It would be wrong to simply pocket money which ought to go for the support of the Church. There are places where the Church is struggling and persecuted that are deserving of support.


Brian said...

Silence on GSAs, silence on abortion, silence on contraception, distribution of Our Blessed Lord in the hand, silence on preaching a sexual ethic, silence on opposing the scourge of homosexuality.... and they want my money?

These bishops are spineless puppies who have thrown in the towel and accomodate to the secular society at large. Catholicity is largely reduced to some politically correct form of "Social Justice". Have you heard one homily supporting authentic marriage and opposing the midterm report at the recent synod? No, of course not. It is blogs like this one, where we read, what we should be hearing, from our pulpits.

Anil Wang said...

Congrats on the archdiocese stating so clearly that they want to be an NGO:-? You've opposed the Pope on NGOs and clarity. Now if you could oppose the Pope on all his other speeches you'd be a great supporter of true Catholicism.

Aloysius Gonzaga said...

You forgot the more offensive part of this campaign - which is its' name "FAMILY of faith." What kind of family do you know of, consists of anyonymous individuals with no commitment to each other? That is exactly what we have in most, if not all, parishes. To use the word "family" in campaigns like this is to actually devalue the real family. said...


Please submit this post to Pewsitter for broad distribution. Blessed Christmas. -Gladstone.

Freyr said...

Regarding Pewsitter...
This is a local problem which ought to be dealt with locally.
Regarding opposing the pope...
We do not.

Luciano said...

Wow...unbelievable tactic..I guess everything is being taken over by professional fundraisers...I don't belong to the TO archdiocese but the things mentioned are the same in my diocese...if such a campaign were started here my contribution would be ZERO until I saw proof of the return tto the teaching of true doctrine

Lawrence and Susan Fox said...

Yes, Montfort, just say no. This junk entered the Church in the 1990s. I was shocked one afternoon I accidentally walked into a meeting between my pastor and a secular money raising consultant. He was advising the pastor to just give the people "what they want" in order to increase the receipts in the collection basket. The parish went from $400,000 annual income to several million over the next few years. The tabernacle was moved to the side of the Church, and no, no one preached about abortion nor contraception. And white people were told only the Hispanics could have Marian Devotion because it was part of their culture. Then in 2002, I moved to another diocese far far away, almost another galaxy, and the bishop got hold of our personal income statements and my husband and I received a letter from the bishop handed to us by two parish volunteers. It said, "Based on your income, we think you should donate $5,000 to our Money Raising Campaign." We were to return our answer to the two parish volunteers, who would then "share" our response in a parish meeting with other parish money raising volunteers. My name was in the bulletin on almost every major spiritual organization in that parish because before I got there, there was only one organization dedicated to making us better Catholics, Divine Mercy. I accidentally ended up head of that, and then started three other groups, Legion of Mary, Catholic Discussion Group and another Catholic formation group in Prayer, Discernment and Discipleship. I was the contact for a while on all four. So if it was reported in the parish meeting that Susan Fox was giving $xxx amount instead of $5,000 to the campaign this would have been a MAJOR SCANDAL. Faced with this prospect, we turned to Our Lord for assistance. Now if you are an atheist, you must believe this is proof of the existence of God because I assure you that I never could have guessed this solution in my own pea-sized brain. Our Lord said, "Who is the request for money from?" I responded, "The bishop." "Then respond (directly) to the bishop." So we did. We sent a check and a letter to the bishop asking him to keep our contribution secret. We told the waiting parish volunteers this is what we did. Major Scandal successfully avoided! God exists and He talks. But all this happened in the United States from 1995 to 2006. It looks like the trend toward consulting secular money raisers has now moved into Canada. I'm sorry for your gain. God bless you. Susan Fox (real name still appearing everywhere)

N Joseph said...

Hopefully this message does not get censored by the blog administrators.
The family of Faith Campaign is the Honourable Thomas Collins ambitious plan en route to making himself powerful in Rome.
He has hired an International US based company to run this money grab at a cost of $9million.
We already have building funds in place at all parishes. This is to build himself a cathedral so his remains can be put there.
What does he know of family, families in Toronto who have no jobs, who have no money and yet he makes them feel guilty to pay in Gods name.
Wow there is not much difference between him and our ex PM.
I challenge all those irresponsible people who support this initiative to stand up against people in the Archdiocese who believe it is their Entitlement to Perpetuate Mediocrity in the Church and Parishes.